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You Need to Host Virtual Events Post-Pandemic

With the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone had to start doing things online, including working from home and taking classes online. We also began to spend a lot of time with immediate family members. The initial swap to online put a lot of people out of their comfort zones; now that we’ve all had time to adjust, we might even prefer this lifestyle. We get to work from our couch, make a fresh lunch, and chat with family members throughout the day. We learned quite a few things during the pandemic that can be incorporated even after the pandemic is over; at the top of that list is hosting virtual events. Virtual events post-pandemic can have the same awesome impacts as they have currently.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events Post-Pandemic

1. Event Guarantee

There are many elements in play in regards to in person events; speakers arriving punctually, catering going smoothly, attendees finding the venue, etc. There is also the chance that registrants simply will not have the desire to attend the event that day. The typical challenges of hosting in-person events are totally diminished! While, the only new challenge could be experiencing technical issues.One benefit is not having to worry about transportation. Another is that guests can tune in right from home if they are not feeling well. Even with events post-pandemic, someone could stay home if they have the flu, a cold, or for any other reason!

2. Cost Effective

We all know that hosting in-person events are costly. From sending out mailers, to purchasing the meals, and renting the venue, the cost adds up. Virtual events eliminate many factors that hosting live events typically generate cost. This means that your event will cost significantly less money, and could maybe even be free!

3. Feedback is Easier to Receive

If the event is going to be online, then you will have to send out invites via email. After an event, it’s always a good idea to gather how the attendees liked the event. Then you can analyze what went well and what can be improved upon. A survey can be sent to the email addresses of all guests, which makes gathering data on the event simple. Taking this to events post-pandemic, it will still be easy and convenient to gain feedback on all of your events.

4. Booking Appointments in the Click of a Button

With the webinar platform that M&O offers to their agents, the host can “push out offers”. One of which can be an appointment booking offer. The attendee can schedule time on your digital calendar to discuss next steps. These meetings could be in-person or virtual, depending on the specific guest. Creating these relationships virtually has proven to take a little bit more time investment. However, the outcome can be just as profitable as in-person events and meetings. 

5. Can Help Expand Your Audience

One problem with hosting in-person event could be traveling to the location. Hosting virtual events opens many opportunities for you to connect with leads that otherwise wouldn’t. Anyone from anywhere can tune into the event now. This allows you to expand your audience without any travel being included. Virtual events also include a new audience of people who previously, for any reason, could not attend your event.

6. Larger Audience

Not only will virtual events continue to give you a way to expand your audience, they also have been shown to draw a larger crowd due to accessibility. It is so easy for anyone to click a link to a Zoom call or join your Webinar Jam event. Statistically, more people will RSVP for an online event than an in-person event. There are also other factors to include in how large an audience can be. With a virtual event, you can invite as many people as you want. However, an in-person event has some limitations. One limitation is a budget that could prevent you from inviting all the guests you would like. Another limitation could be the capacity of the venue. Both are reasons to continue hosting online events post-pandemic.

Benefits of Hosting In-Person Events Post-Pandemic

1. More Friendly and Personable

Most of the appeal of an in-person event is getting to interact with peers. People love seeing smiles and being physically being close to others with similar goals. Everyone’s goal here is probably to have a good time at this event. The atmosphere created at live events cannot be recreated at a virtual event because the attendees are not physically there! It’s important to have events that demonstrate openness and friendliness. In addition, if someone is at your in-person event, you know they’re serious about learning information pertaining to your company.

2. Handing Out Promotional Items

While promotional items can be costly, they do wonders for getting your name out there. A new lead will definitely remember your company’s name if the pen they use everyday has your company’s name printed on it. A friend of theirs might ask to borrow a pen, and your name could get transferred to them. Any prizes, such as mugs and tote bags, will most likely be used by the attendee which continues to give advertisement for your company for a long while. This is something that you absolutely cannot do with virtual events, making live events post-pandemic just as important.

3. Makes the Process Quicker

After comparing the results of webinars versus in-person seminars, we’ve noticed that the sales process takes longer when not having that face-to-face relationship building. Thus, in-person seminars are likely to make the sales process take less time. On average, this is typically only three to four meetings. 


There are positives to both virtual events and in-person events post-pandemic. When the pandemic is over, utilizing both types of events will allow you to grow your client base and also continue displaying all of the amazing attributes of your company. While upping the amount of events you host by planning more virtually, never lose sight of in-person events either; both types are equally important. 

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