Why Video Should Be At The Core Of Your Content Strategy

While videos can be daunting to film and nerve-wracking to begin posting, they offer an opportunity for a more personal and unique feeling to clients. Utilizing videos at the core of any content strategy has a lot of benefits, and, oftentime, they become an easier alternative to typing after a bit of practice. If you’re looking to get started with creating videos and don’t want to invest in a camera before knowing if you’ll actually use it, you can simply record on your phone, making sure to hold it horizontally. Some recommended software include OpenShot and VideoPad. 


The amount of time and effort it takes to make a video is worth it in the long run due to the large success of videos on various social media platforms. For starters, videos posted on Facebook get significantly more interaction than posts that are image and text-based. In addition, Oberlo cites that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video, and that 54% of users they surveyed stated that they wanted to see more video content on the internet. Another great benefit for videos is that they are optimized for mobile devices, which is where most of your clients will find you. Additionally, videos work well for SEO. Video content is also said to be more memorable than other forms of content due to how the human brain can remember inflection, speed, and tone of voice along with the words spoken.


Much like public speaking, shooting videos takes time and practice to become an expert. It’s important to remember to not get too caught up in the little speech mistakes that are made throughout because they add authenticity to your message. Remember to first and foremost speak slowly and clearly, wear presentable clothing, and avoid fidgeting with your appearance throughout the video. Having some sort of visuals, like a PowerPoint presentation, can also aid the video by allowing you to cut to different slides, infographics, and more while you’re speaking.

If you have done a seminar before, then you already have practice in presenting important information about yourself and your company. Preparing a script for a video should be no big deal with all of that experience.

Much like any other social media post, there are also some tips that can be used to ensure that your video is successful on whatever social media site you are posting on.

Where Should I Post Video?

While videos can be posted on a variety of websites, the most important places to post videos in order to reach your audience are on Facebook and through email. Most people in your target audience range primarily use Facebook in order to stay connected with their friends and family. Therefore, you should utilize Facebook at the forefront of your social media plan. 

Another place that will allow easy reach to your clients is through email. Sending out videos through email messages will have a high chance that they’ll be seen often and quickly. Therefore, to reach your audience efficiently, email and Facebook are the two places that you should focus your attention.

Long-Form Video

If posting a longer-form video more than a couple of minutes in length, the video should be posted to either YouTube or your company’s website. Videos that are too long will not be watched all of the way through on Facebook.

YouTube’s purpose is to answer questions, therefore, your video should be informational and titled in a way that presents an answer to someone’s supposed question. Your company’s website is functioning in a very similar way; it is trying to inform a potential client about your business. A longer, informative video on your beliefs, principles, and services would be an amazing addition to your landing page or About page.

Short Videos

Shorter videos about one minute to three minutes long should be posted onto your Facebook timeline. These videos do not need to be as professional or informational as the videos posted on YouTube or your company’s website. Facebook’s main purpose is to share information, which makes it a great spot to put videos about anything new happening with your company.

Videos less than one minute are ideal for any platform’s story feature (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook), however these videos should be more entertaining and less informative, as these videos are often watched in free-time to destress. Making short clips of new employees, a new office space, or something cool going on around your office will work very well here.

What Kind of Video Content Should I Post?

Now that you understand where to post all of your various videos, we’ve thought up some ideas of video content that could be made to help your marketing. A simple Facebook video could be answering frequently asked questions about your company. A simple email attachment wishing a client a Happy Birthday or Congratulations on any of their accomplishments is also a very personal way to continue to maintain these relationships and show how much you care about your clients.

Happy posting!


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