As Executive Director of Practice Management, Bob Nesbitt knows a thing or two about making sure his peers win. His job is to recruit and keep financial professionals working in the senior market. Over the years in the industry, Bob’s competitive and compassionate attitude has spelled sweet success. “It is not the will to win that matters. Everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” These words by college football player and coach, Paul “Bear” Bryant, have become Bob’s anthem in his career.

Bob first came to M&O in 1994. He ventured away only to return in July of 2008. He makes up to 100 calls a day, making sure only the best financial professionals are brought in and kept happy with the company. Experience matters. Being in the business for so many years has given him a unique advantage in being able to break down products and carriers. Financial professionals need to understand all of that so they know how to use them. That’s what Bob does every day.

Three traits of Bob’s personality that helps make his success possible? Loyalty, empathy and determination. “You have to treat everyone with respect…you just never know who God is bringing you,” Nesbitt says. He feels blessed to have been brought two children. After a long day of hitting numbers and making an impact, Bob enjoys the simple things like rocking in his favorite chair in the backyard, watching baseball and spending time with family.

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