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How To Set Goals You Will Follow Through On

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When it comes to accomplishing goals, it’s easier said than done. How you set your desired goals and work towards them can make a huge difference when it comes to following through on them. Here we will talk about SMART goals, CLEAR goals, and what you should look at when planning and working towards goals. 

SMART Goals 

The SMART goals acronym has been used for years by business professionals when it comes to taking an in-depth look at the critical elements in making practical goals. This method will also help you hone in on your plan. 

SMART stands for:

  • Specific – goals should be clear and distinct 
  • Measurable – the outcome of the goals must be able to be measured in some way
    • Example: the number of products sold at the end of the month
  • Attainable – goals should be realistic and able to be achieved by the average person 
  • Relevant – goals should be related to your organization’s mission or overall vision
  • Time-bound – goals must have a fixed duration and a well-defined starting and ending point


Using SMART goals to help craft your goal is a great start, but going a step further and mapping out your goals in the CLEAR method will amp up your plan. The CLEAR goal method is a new way of setting goals.

CLEAR stands for:

  • Collaborative – goals should foster collaboration between teams and individuals
  • Limited – goals should be time-sensitive in scope and duration 
  • Emotional – goals should create the emotion of energy and passion 
  • Appreciable – broad goals should be broken into smaller goals so they can be achieved more quickly for long-term gain
  • Refinable – Goals should be set with a steadfast objective but should be ready to be refined and modified when new information or situations arise

The Process in Setting Attainable Goals 

Solidify your endgame 

Precisely mapping out what you are trying to achieve at the end of your goal is super important. Defining your end-game tangible metrics will help keep you on the right path to accomplish your desired outcome. 

Write it out

Writing out your goals on a whiteboard, piece of paper or any other surface might seem silly and old-fashioned, but it is still one of the most effective goal-setting methods. Writing down your goals translates into the mindset that they are always there and in reach. 

Create accountability 

Use your peers around you to help source accountability. It is often easier to achieve a desired outcome if you have other people holding you accountable.

Set your pace wisely

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Having big aspirations is essential, but dreaming too big can lead to burnout. It’s critical to be ambitious, but you should start small and steadily increase the complexity as time goes on. 

Take pride in the small things 

When it comes to setting goals, most of the time, people are trying to achieve one large outcome that, throughout the process, they often forget to celebrate the little achievements that are helping them get to the overlining goal. It’s essential to take a step back and be appreciative of the small wins along the way. 


Setting goals that have a clear path and are well defined can be the difference between not following through and reaching your desired outcome. Next time you are planning for a goal, keep these methods and tips in mind. 

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