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“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t.” As Executive Director of Practice Development, Edward Petersmarck doesn’t just say this, he lives by it. Willing to learn about the needs of those he works with, Edward has invested decades of his life to understanding how to navigate the industry with great impact. He provides resources needed so that financial planners can improve their business models, and he does this with passion. Edward has proven time and again that your goals can be achieved when you put in the work.

The Oakland University Marketing graduate puts it simply, “I am motivated by the opportunity to help. I was taught that if I can find a way to do what’s right and help people, the reward would follow. I pursue those challenges.” Edward has gained accolades for his excellent leadership in the insurance industry and has received LOMA and ALMI accreditation. He works tirelessly to help financial professionals not just meet their goals, but to beat them. By doing so, client’s live better lives. “I enjoy enriching the lives of my clients, and the lives of their families. I am driven by being a part of that success.”

Edward works tirelessly to help advisors not just meet their goals, but to beat them. He knows how critical the work of his agents is. “A financial advisor can be compared to a physician – everybody knows their doctor should be consulted at least annually for a check-up.” Petersmarck says fiscal health is equally important to pay attention to. “Their money requires the same level of professional attention and maintenance.”

He understands why that’s so important. His family is what drives him every day! When not working to improve the practices of the financial professional he works with, he is spending time with his wife and three beautiful children! Recently, Edward has learned life lessons from his son. “I’ve allowed my son to challenge the world around him even, dare I say, his parents.”

Edward takes pride in M&O Marketing’s passionate culture. M&O is a concierge shop that pays attention to the changing needs of advisors. “Our marketing systems are built to help our agents market themselves, not to market insurance products for insurance carriers.”

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