Doug Roberts


Doug Roberts, Executive Director of Practice Development, Dream curator, and Chief Problem Solver, are a few of the titles Roberts advisors refer to him as. For the past 10+ years, He spends his hours making proactive calls out to new clients, training, presenting and servicing until the job is done. “Do what others won’t do and take the path less traveled,” Doug embodies these words.

Roberts is well equipped with information.  In his position, he has to know it all. He has to know product, licensing, training, marketing and business practices. The job is tough but Roberts is up for a challenge. Doug rolls with the punches, embrace change, sell, grow, educate and share. “There is no neutral in life. You’re either going forward or backward.” He’s been doing all of that for the good part of the last decade at M&O. Doug takes pride in his passion and genuine attitude with a focus on a customer or client’s needs, even when things get tough. “I have learned to deal with conflict well.  It comes with the territory.”

Leadership is a part of personal culture. “Real leaders make us feel that we’re moving forward. They let us know that our efforts have value and they contribute to a greater cause.”  He embraces that culture here at M&O. Roberts is known for his quick wit. He embraces that culture here at M&O. Roberts is known for his quick wit.  Even during stressful situations, he brings levity and positive solutions. When not in the office at M&O you can still find him available to help our clients. Roberts understands that your business doesn’t run 9-5, so neither does ours.

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