“It’s important to not burn bridges in this industry and it’s equally as important to maintain good creditability with my customers.” That’s Deron Johnson, Executive Director of Practice Development at M&O Marketing.

With more than 17-years of industry recruiting experience, Deron can offer his clients a proven marketing system which is used by some of the top agents in the country. “My ideal customer has a solid work ethic, a bulletproof attitude, and a student mentality. If the agent has those three things, we can teach them the rest.” Johnson says.

Deron loves his job and it’s more than just a paycheck. He wants to feel the satisfaction of knowing he is helping others achieve their own success. When asked why someone should choose to do business with him, his answer is rooted in passion. “I love helping people. I’m here to help others create success for themselves. Because of this, I have no doubt I can help accomplish the goal that M&O has for me.” He says, “The goal is to get better, each and every day.”

He’s often described as outgoing, funny and professional. He loves music, movies, sports, and spending time with family. He likes to pass along his personal mantra on to his prospects, which is to always invest in yourself. It doesn’t matter the challenge, M&O’s Deron Johnson sticks by his philosophy: “Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.”

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