David Wright, Executive Director of Practice Development at M&O Marketing, recruits financial professionals and helps them reach new levels of success with their practice. David prioritizes the needs of everyone he works with, and works diligently to ensure that they feel supported in the growth of their business. Using creative marketing, branding and consultation, he has already proven to be a valuable asset since he joined the team in 2018. The best is yet to come as David uses persistence and dedication to attract only the very best to M&O. David never stops learning, and this has been proven in his recent accomplishment of earning his Series 65.

Wright specializes in sales coaching, creating ideas and finding creative marketing approaches. “The path to success is for me to be able to insert myself into my producers’ obstacles and then come up with a creative solution to bust that barrier.” You have to be aggressive and attentive to do that, and it’s something David makes a practice of daily. Between cold calls and recruiting, Wright says he takes pride in always learning and researching best practices. “It’s all in a relentless pursuit of greatness.”

Most people are surprised to discover that David used to be a nightclub DJ. He marches to this beat of success. Wright enjoys a good cigar, good music and eating out with friends and family. He is never satisfied with his success, and knows that his best is yet to come. “There have been challenges in my past and I have beaten them all.”

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