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3 Ways to Improve Business Image with Web Presence

Today, we are living in the digital age, a time where it’s essential for any business to have an online presence, such as a website and other social media sites. This will in turn help improve business image by building credibility for your brand.

A well-maintained website can give your business a competitive advantage and improve your overall image. However, running a business with no online presence, or one that isn’t strong, is no longer going to cut it! Consumers are 70-80% more likely to research a company online before visiting a physical small business or making a purchase on available products and services.

The first step in improving your business’s image is to create a website. Websites position businesses as an authority online, before they even have to meet with you in person. They give the impression that you are a credible company and person. This, they can inform consumers on your specific beliefs and principles right away. Even worse than having no website at all is having an out-of-date website. That can make your business come across as unprofessional and out-dated.

In the financial industry, there is stiff competition for all leads, having a great website could be the factor that puts you over the edge. If you are in need of any assistance in creating or updating your website, M&O Marketing offers fully customizable website development. Contact Sarah at [email protected] to learn more about these and other services.

Here are three reasons why it is important to have an updated and detailed online presence for your company:

Having No Website Could Mean You Are Losing Business

A company that has no digital presence attached to it, does not allow consumers a chance to learn about your services before purchasing. In the digital age, consumers like to be introduced to a brand, be able to conduct research on a brand, and look up competitors of a brand before even the initial point-of-contact. A website allows consumers to be introduced to your brand before contacting the business. Not having a website equals less business opportunities. However, having a great website can improve business image.

Additionally, if you have an outdated website, it could be giving consumers the wrong impression of you and your company. This can have the opposite impact of having a great website; consumers could see you as less credible and trustworthy. You don’t want to lower your credibility with something that can be so simple to update and improve.

Whether your business is big or small does not impact the amount of need for a quality site. Your website presence should appear as if you are a team that works around the clock. This will keep your online presence reliable and relevant. Your company needs to be seen as a trustworthy solution for consumers’ pain-points. Having a polished and professional-looking website that customers can navigate around efficiently is the first step. Content that engages them is another critical factor. Both play a part in whether they decide to move forward and do business with you. All this will help improve business image quickly and efficiently.

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Losing Business

Most of Your Competitors Already Have a Presence Online

In any industry, you need to have a great web presence in order to be competitive. Start with the mindset that all of your competitors already have their own websites and web presences. If you do not already have a website, then you simply are not even ready to begin competing. In order to be a competitive player in your industry, you need a website to do two things. First, it needs to provide resources to your consumers. Second, it needs to help the consumer gain knowledge on your brand or industry.Websites are especially important for the financial industry because they give a snapshot as to who you are as an advisor. Websites inform the reader on what principles you run your practice on, what process you uphold with clients, and much more. 

For this specific industry, you need to have a few pages. First, you will need a page outlining your products and services. Second, customers will need to know how to contact your office. Most importantly, third, you should have a page to register for your events. Extra pages, such as, a process page and an about page can also give your website a more friendly touch.

A great way to get a good sense of what your website should look like is by checking out your competitors websites. If your competitor has very in-depth service descriptions and nice headshots of every team member, then you probably should too. You need to go above simply matching the quality of your competitors’ websites. You will need to come up with ways that you can outrank them.

Your website needs to offer more than your competitors’ websites. It needs to be the most eye-catching, have the best information, and give as much as possible to the consumer.

Some questions that you can ask yourself when looking at your competitors websites are:
  • How can I make my site more appealing than theirs, so my website performance rockets?
  • What marketing methods are my competitors using and not using? How can I use this information to boost my website’s performance?
  • What are my competitors doing that I can do better regarding design, Search Engine Optimization, and load time?

First Impressions Are Everything, Even When Online 

How you treat one customer at your business can impact how many additional customers you receive. Word-of-mouth now plays a substantial role in bringing in new customers, thus, it will improve business image. According to a study done by AdWeek, 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a primary influence in their purchasing decision. As a result, once a customer hears about you from a trusted peer, they will be more interested in your company, which will improve business image. However, getting a word-of-mouth recommendation is just the first step in this buyer’s journey.

Once they receive a recommendation, the consumer will research to see if you are a credible resource through a web search. You do not want them to find that you have no website or an outdated one. Then, they will more than likely stop moving forward with a purchase. Consumers shop based on the first impression, so having a positive image on your company’s initial search is essential.

Keep in mind that while a website is extremely important for your business, it is always equally as important to constantly have happy customers. As we know, the customer is always right! On your website you will always want the customer to feel as included and appreciated as possible. This extends to in-person meetings, where you will need to be friendly and approachable. Going above and beyond for your clients will ensure that they go out and spread the word for your company. It’s then that the website becomes so important. The website will keep these leads interested in your company after hearing a great recommendation.


Websites are an extremely important tool to help consumers learn about your company and shop products and services first. Then, when they come to your office, they will have an idea of what to expect. You will be able to build up credibility a lot quicker this way. Having little to no web presence is bad for your business, and additionally, having a poor web presence is even worse. Make sure to research your competitors online and treat every client like royalty! This is the best way to build your business, client base, and improve business image.

M&O Marketing Can Help 

Don’t let your business fall behind because you don’t have the adequate tools or knowledge to create a quality website. At M&O Marketing, we have a team that individually works to bring clients the most up-to-date design and content for independent financial advisors. If your team would like assistance in creating a website, or need any other branding materials, visit https://www.mandomarketing.com/contact/ or email [email protected] and inquire about our services.

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