3 Reasons Websites Are Vital For A Business

Today we are living in the digital age, a time where it’s essential and vital for any business to have an online presence such as a website. Having a well-maintained website can give you a competitive advantage and improve your business image. However, running a business with no online presence, or barely any isn’t going to cut it. We are living in a time where consumers are 70-80% more likely to research a company online before visiting the business or purchasing products and services that are available.

Creating a website is a great way to begin positioning your business online and give consumers the impression that you are a credible company. If you currently don’t have a website for your business, or an out-of-date one, now is the time to act. Here are three reasons why it is so important to have an online presence. 

No Website Means You’re Losing Business

It should be fairly evident by now that if you’re running a company and have no website attached to it, you’re missing out on allowing consumers to be introduced to your brand and then spend money on your products and services. Having no website equals missed business opportunities. On the other hand, having an outdated website can mean the same thing, and can be worse than not having a website at all because it can make your business look unprofessional and lower your credibility. 

It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small. Your website presence should appear as if you are a team that works around the clock to keep your online presence reliable and relevant, so your company is seen as a trustworthy solution for consumers’ pain points.

Having a polished and professional-looking website that customers can navigate around efficiently and content that engages them is going to be a critical factor in whether they decided to move forward and do business with you. 

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Losing Business

Your Competitors are Already Online

If you are trying to establish your company in any industry, chances are, your competitors are already online, forming their own web presence. Suppose you currently run a business without a website presence. In that case, you are near last place and missing business opportunities that your competitor could be stealing because they have an online presence.

If you currently don’t have a website or have one that is outdated, you should research your competitor’s websites to see what they are doing, and what you can do better moving forward with your web presence. 

Some questions to ask yourself when looking at competitors websites are:

  • How can you make your site more appealing than theirs, so your website performance rockets?
  • What marketing methods are they using and not using?
  • What are they doing that you can do better regarding design, SEO, and load time?

First Impressions Are Still Everything Online 

We live in a world where consumers often look up a business and their reviews before visiting. Word-of-mouth plays a substantial role in bringing in new customers. According to a study done by AdWeek, the results showed that 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a primary influence in their purchasing decision. As a result, once a customer hears about you from a trusted peer, they will conduct a web search on your establishment. Getting a word-of-mouth recommendation is just one step in the buyer’s journey, next they will research to see if you are a credible resource through a web search.

If they find that you have no website or an outdated one, they will more than likely stop moving forward with a purchase. Consumers shop based on the first impression, so having a positive image on your company’s initial search is essential. 

M&O Marketing Can Help 

Don’t let your business fall behind because you don’t have the adequate tools or knowledge to create a quality website. At M&O, we have a team that individually works to bring clients the most up to date design and content for independent financial advisors. If you fall into this category, contact our team today to set up a website consultation.


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