We have spent 40 years innovating insurance marketing to be the best FMO / best IMO for your practice today.

We know you have dozens of insurance FMO choices. You hear a lot a claims.

Which field marketing organization really delivers on the claim of best Annuity FMO & best Life FMO?

When you become one of our contracted agents:

  • You get proven marketing mentorship
  • You get industry-leading carriers
  • You share in our industry stature
  • You receive our attentive back-office support
  • You get access to limited-distribution life and annuity products
  • You are equipped to dominate your local market

These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other financial professionals and are no guarantee of future success.  No compensation was provided for participation.

Carriers often ask M&O Marketing to help develop and distribute new industry-leading products.

Our contracted agents continue to gain significant competitive advantage every time we enter into limited-distribution agreements to bring some of the most innovative products to the market.


As a contracted independent insurance agent, you share in our hard-earned credibility and respect. We connect at highest levels of our industry to promote excellence and innovation.

With M&O Marketing, your Insurance FMO is a solid industry partner and you become part of an unequalled professional network.

This is the gold-standard of FMOs, we strive to provide the best FMO experience in the business. Reputation matters!

If you qualify to partner with us, it will be our privilege to help build your practice.

Will you be joining us to celebrate your success?





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You Can Join The Best FMO Team Today!*

Our contracted agents are among the most successful independent insurance agents in the FMO / IMO business.

We have the resources to support you and your business; from back-office excellence to market-leading limited-distribution life and annuity products, to our intensive marketing mentorship program.

Are you ready to unleash our rock-solid marketing team to help you close and place quality business?

*minimum qualifications required



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